Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses: A Wise Decision Matters

Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses 2020

The nursing profession involves tireless efforts and standing for hours in the operation theater. During their consistent efforts, they wear shoes that are not ergonomic and are uncomfortable. Best Tennish Shoes For Nurses 2020This discomfort induces foot and heel pain. Fortunately, there are several tennis shoes for nurses that provide them an appropriate level of comfort for prolonged use. Uncomfortable shoes can make you feel like walking on a hard surface that is likely to cause swelling, pain, and aches. Jacqueline Sutera, a New York podiatrist, said that “People who work for long hours standing, they must wear comfortable shoes that are least likely to induce pain and discomfort”. There are innumerably different brands that offer tennis shoes for nurses; therefore, we will review ten best tennis shoes for nurses. Not only these shoes excel in performance and comfort-ability, but they have a “shock-absorbing fat-pad” in their soles for added comfort.Before you plan to buy a pair of tennis shoes there are certain factors that you’ll need to consider. After through and through research about features, specifications, and benefits we have filtered the best nursing shoes to save your time. Here are the ten best shoes for nurses.

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Women's Tennis Shoes
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Our Rating Scale: 5/5
2. NIKE Women's Court Lite Tennis Shoe
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Our Rating Scale: 4.9/5
3. K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe
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Our Rating Scale: 4.8/5
4. PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe
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Our Rating Scale: 4.8/5

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Women's Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 is an ideal pair of shoes for nurses. These shoes are comfortable, soft, and durable and the users will face no discomfort even after prolonged use; hence it can help nurses to strive for their busy routine.

In the market, different brands do offer tennis shoes, but ASICS has been leading the tennis shoe brand. Not solely because the shoes have extra toe space that allows the air to circulate and prevent seating but this outstanding feature help in regulating the blood flow in the feet.

If you are a nurse, you will have to deal with many patients and sometime you will have to rush in the hallway to the operation theatres; therefore, ASICS shoes have a Gel Cushioning mechanism that acts as a shock absorber. This revolutionary technology will also heal toe dragging.

The sole is not prone to slips because of the high-quality rubber sole; hence, it adds durability. Moreover, this pair of shoes have a thin hypoallergenic lining that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus inside the shoes.

These shoes are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association because of their 6 months sole guarantee. ASICS never disappoints when it comes to best shoes for nurses.

Soft and comfortable
Are uneconomical
More toe space
Hypoallergenic lining
Seal of acceptance
AHAR plus outsole adds comfort
It has PGuard Toe Protector
It approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

2. NIKE Women's Court Lite Tennis Shoe

There is no winner in durability and comfortability except the NIKE Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe. The exterior of these shoes is made of leather and mesh while the outsole is made from Phylon. The outsole is specially designed for maintaining the balance on hard surfaces. These Nike shoes are considered as best shoes for nurses.

The footbed is soft and silky because of the embedded memory foam that is made from soft polyurethane fused with cork. Because of the materials used, these shoes are soft, light, and breathable. The outsole is made from Phylon that is slip-resistant to avoid falls and trips.

The shoes are stylish, yet elegant, and premium. These shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on air. As a nurse, these shoes will help you in performing your duty with comfort. The inner material is anti-allergic and doesn’t retain sweat for a longer time. Healthcare workers around the globe recommend these pair of shoes for nurses.

Durable handmade shoes
Some colors are expensive
The footbed provides cushioning support
Slip-resistant rubber sole
Breathable technology

3. K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe is specially designed for nurses who work long shifts. These pair of shoes are lightweight, durable, and well-cushioned. Even on hard surfaces, these shoes provide balance and support. 

K-Swiss shoes have all the anti-fatigue features that help nurses complete their duties with comfort. Embedded with shock-absorbing sole these shoes reduce the pressure on your heels and toes thereby proving a hard-to-beat comfort level. The anti-allergic material prevents the outgrowth of odor-producing microbes.

Moreover, these shoes are made from microbe repellent material that prevents bad odor. These shoes are waterproof and the rubber outsole is slip-resistant even in wet conditions. It has arch support in avoiding any pains and sprains in feet. With all these qualities, K-Swiss shoes are one of the best shoes for nurses.

Comfortable sole
It is a bit expensive
Breathable lining
Added toe space
Slip-resistant outsole
Shock-absorption technology

4. PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

These pair of shoes from Puma are the best fit for nurses because of the effective cushioning support that helps them perform their job. As a nurse, you’ll have to stand most of the time so these shoes are equipped with shock-absorbing technology.

During the hot environment, your feet can become sweaty but these shoes are airy and breathable that dries away moisture. The tongue of these shoes is rigid and sturdy that adds support and durability. The collar strengthens the shoes for prolonged use.

Both the sole and outsole are made from imported rubber that is slip-resistant and waterproof. Puma never compromises on quality. These shoes by Puma are preferred by nurses because they have developed no certain medical condition on prolong usage of these shoes.

These ergonomic features prevent users from pain, discomfort, and illnesses. The inner lining is silky, hypoallergenic, and sweat-resistant. The soles are slip-resistant to provide you support in slippery operation theatres. These comfortable shoes are a perfect fit for the nurse’s tiring routine.

With all these excellent features, PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe is considered as one of the best nursing shoes.

Ergonomic design and colorful body
Only good for thin feet
Leaser likely to cause arch and joint pains
Are not lightweight
Shock-absorbing EVA technology

5. New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe

New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe is made from synthetic imported leather. These lace-up shoes are comfortable and long-lasting. These shoes are least likely to cause discomfort because of the soft embedded sole and outsole.

These shoes can outperform on hard and rocky surfaces because of the “Abzorb technology” that absorbs shocks. The fusion of soft and hard density foams in the sole provides an appropriate level of comfort to nurses. These nursing shoes are most comfortable for slippery surfaces.

The sole is made from high-quality rubber that is slip-resistant to keep you firm on wet grounds. Moreover, synthetic leather design gives these shoes an elegant and compelling design.  With such an amazing ergonomic sole and design, nurses regard them as best nursing shoes.

Suitable for slippery grounds
Not suitable for casual dressing
Shock resistant
Memory foam is soft

6. Reebok Women's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer excels in comfortability and durability. It is the nurses’ choice because they find these shoes comfortable, long-lasting, and slip-resistant. Now let’s talk about all those features that make them the best shoes for nurses.

The sole is airy and soft that is least likely to induce pain, discomfort, and joint aches. These shoes can outperform on longer use. The inner lining is made of mesh that enables these shoes to breathe and avoid the build-up of moisture. Additionally, the mesh lining is a microbe-resistant that avoids the odor creating bacteria to reside inside the shoes.

Both the sole and outsole are made from Pylon that is soft, lightweight, and slip-resistant. The pattern and distribution of shock-absorbing rubber help the nurses to stand upright and maintain balance in stairs, rocky surfaces, and unlevelled land. These great features make Reebok Women’s CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer the best tennis shoes for women.

Mesh breathable fabric
It is uneconomical
High-quality imported material
Shock-absorbing sole rubber
Long-lasting and lightweight
Hard-to-beat foot support
Comfortable and strong

7. Skechers Women's D'Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker is made from soft fabric that gives them a delicate and elegant look. The mesh from which these shoes are lined with is light in weight. People who work long hours especially nurses will prefer these shoes because of the comfortability.

The sole is made from light rubber that is more concentrated under the heels and toes. In mud and puddles, these shoes maintain balance because of the slip-resistant features that rubber sole possesses. The sole is embedded with durable memory foam that provides support.

The design and metallic detailing are elegant and appealing. Nurses who prefer flat heel designed shoes; these shoes are the right choice for them. Theses shoes are spacious, airy, and water-resistant because of the extra toe space. The mesh used to build these shoes possess hypoallergenic features that kill bacteria and do not retain moisture.

Synthetic imported leather
It is uneconomical
High-quality rubber sole
Shock-absorbing sole rubber
Flexible and durable
Hard-to-beat foot support

8. ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoes are stylish and durable. The upper of these shoes are made from synthetic leather and mesh. The mesh is breathable and possesses absorbing power that absorbs sweat and keeps bacteria at bay. The hypoallergenic mesh avoids the microbes to grow inside wet shoes.

The shoe sole consists of memory foam that helps in supporting you while you work for long hours. The air cushion in the sole helps to act as shock absorbers to prevent you from sprains, ankle pains, and feet discomfort. The toe space helps in comforting your feet from pressure applied while walking.

Healthcare workers and nurses find these shoes helpful because of its unique features. The shoes are stylish and comfortable. Not only these shoes look good but they help in maintaining the balance which is very important for the nursing career. With all these great features, ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball shoes are regarded as one of the best shoes for nurses.

Air cushioning
Less heel height
Memory foam
Airy and breathable

9. PUMA Women's Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe

PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe is one-of-a-kind because of the imported components of these shoes. The shoes are made from synthetic breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and cool. This feature helps to avoid embarrassing odor that is produced from sweat.

Both the heel and sole are embedded with air cushions to protect and safeguard your heels, toes, and ankles from discomfort. The shoes are comfortable and durable because of the soft and airy sole and outsole. With all those detailing theses shoes are an epitome of elegance and style.

The shoes come in two color options-black and grey-that add a formal look. In the case of nurses, these are one of the best shoes for nurses because they are designed ergonomically and no illness case has ever been reported.

These versatile shoes have a slip-resistant rubber sole that helps you from slips and trips. Moreover, the international image of the brand is very strong because all of their shoes are passed from several quality standards. Therefore, these are the best nursing shoes for women.

Have midsole shank
Sole is very stable
Brilliant shock-absorbing mechanism
Innovative design

10. Brooks Women's Ghost 10 Road Running Shoe

Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes characterize elegance and style. It is one of the best shoes for nurses because of its outstanding features. Nurses and healthcare workers who work long shifts claim these shoes effective in being comfortable. Brooks is a well-known brand that is oriented for nurses because they have to rush from place to place within a matter of seconds.

Under a tough working environment, the shoes will prove to be very soft and comfortable since they are made from high-quality components. These are easy-to-wear, lightweight, and durable for long working hours.

These shoes have a breathable mesh lining that doesn’t retain sweat and moisture. The mesh is hypoallergenic that keeps all the microbes at bay. To provide upright support the sole is made from long-lasting slip-resistant rubber. This rubber helps in maintaining balance on contoured surfaces and stairs.

The air cross-technology helps to dry the built-up moisture that can induce an embarrassing odor. Moreover, the shoes have more room for the toes that prevents the exertion of pressure on toes and heels. The shoes are flexible, versatile, and durable. With an array of benefits and qualities, these shoes are one of the best nursing shoes for women.

Slip-resistant sole
The graphic is less adhesive
Flexible outsole

Table of Contents

Buying Guide

After all, these 10 best shoes of nurses excel in quality and performance. These are different approaches to test the quality of the shoes. There are an array of questions that will arise in your mind such as:

  1. How to find your favorite shoes?
  2. Which factors do you need to consider before you buy nursing shoes?
  3. Should over-priced shoes be bought? Do they provide true value for money?

For making these questions easy to answer we have designed for you an easy buying guide that enlists different factors that you must need to consider to get a good pair of shoes.

Almost all of you will hunt for comfortable shoes that work in the long-term. All the shoes that we have explained are super-soft, flexible, and durable because they are from competitive brands that pass each pair of shoes from certain quality standards before launch. There are many features that you need to consider such as:

1. Size

This is the first factor that everyone takes care of while buying a new pair of shoes, but most of us have less knowledge of getting a pair of shoes that have the appropriate size.

Almost all of us buy a pair of shoes that fit our feet on the day of purchase, but this is not the right way to choose the right size.

We should try the shoes for some days and then see what happens to them after being objected to working conditions. Some shoes change in size when worn for a longer time. The breathable mesh that these shoes have been made from a flexible material that can lose their elasticity after some days of purchase. Therefore, you must wait for some days to find the right size for you.

2. Material of Exterior

The second most important factor that you must consider is the material of the mesh and lining because these factors directly affect the performance and durability of these shoes.

You must research all the features and specifications of different shoes available in the market. After prolonged use, the shoes can get dirty and messy so you must buy shoes that are waterproof and easy to wash. The sole and outsole must be easy to wipe and clean.

Some leather shoes are hard to clean, but the shoes that we have shortlisted are made from synthetic and imported leather that is easy to clean, wipe, and wash. Therefore, you must consider the material from which the shoes are made from.

3. The material of the Sole and Outsole

Nurses will need to rush from patient to patient and accompany the doctor while an operation. With all this hectic routine they have to stand while most of the time so the quality of the sole must be preferred above all.

The sole used must be soft, airy, and comfortable. Some of the above shoes have memory foam that provides the right level of softness. The sole must also be slip-resistant. All the shoes that we have reviewed are made from slip-resistant rubber because nurses might have to walk in slippery aisle and wet ground so they can fall or trip over. To avoid such accidents this factor is very important to consider

On the other hand, the outsole must be strong and flexible. Most importantly it should be water-proof so that it doesn’t allow the entry of water into the shoes through the fusion of outsole with the mesh fabric. The sole and outsole must not retain dirt and must be easy to wash.

4. Arch Size and Support

Accurate arch size and support is really important since it is one of the most technical aspects before you go to buy a pair of nursing shoes for you. Some people have flat arch support while some have a bit inclined arch support.

Accordingly, we must buy shoes according to our arch size. Always hunt for the shoes that have thick embedded foam in the middle part of the sole because it is the most sensitive part of the shoes. If the sole doesn’t support the center of the feat you are most likely to develop joint pains and discomfort.

You must try on your shoes before purchasing to make sure that it has an appropriate arch size and support that your feet need.

5. Design and Color

Most of the people regard this factor as unimportant. It is the key factor in eliminating similar choices of shoes. Women nurses will always prefer to buy girlish colors like pink or purple, but formal shoes are always black and white.

The design of the shoes must be decent and simple because heavy detailing can retain dirt and sand. Wearing bad color shoes the whole day can make you demotivated; hence, a good color will look good on you. The choice is yours if you want to stay formal or casual.


Plantar Fasciitis is a medical condition that affects the heel disabling you to walk comfortably. It arises from shoes that have brick-like soles and have less amount of airy foam. All the shoes that we have discussed are suitable to use in Plantar Fasciitis.


When shoes are prone to long use, they can damage tendons and ligaments. Plantar Fasciitis is a condition in which the feet muscles can become very sensitive and easily affected by minor discomfort. But thanks to the toe air space that prevents your feet from extra pressure and memory foam that gives you the feeling of walking over the air. 

There are innumerably different brands of shoes available in the market. Some of the brand's window dress the benefits they provide; however, you must consider brands that are internationally recognized. These brands have certain quality standards that are approved by medical experts and less likely to induce pain. The shoes we have reviewed are all from well-known and competitive brands.


These top 10 branded shoes will narrow down the options for you to make your tough choice easier. We have researched all different brands and after hours of skeptical research, we have highlighted these shoes which have excellent performance, quality, and standard.


Although these shoes are expensive, the quality they possess represents true value for money. All the shoes are durable and will benefit you in the long-run.


After discussing all different brands of best tennis shoes for nurses with their pros and cons, we have made your decisions easier. Moreover, we have built a buying guide for you to help you consider different factors to get the right pair of shoes for you.


All the brands we have reviewed are independent of each other since every pair of shoes is different from the other. Each one has different features and specifications. The reason we have chosen international brands is that they do not window dress the features, in fact, the openly tell the disadvantages too. 


The price might not be pocket-friendly but in the long run, you’ll realize that the shoes were worth the actual price. Without wasting your time buy shoes from these ten different options because we have assessed all their features.


All of them possess slip-resistant soles, memory foam embedded soles, and stain-resistant outer soles. The synthetic leather designing not only adds design but also the strength.

Some hospitals and clinics can have contoured ground so it is important for nurses to maintain their balance. The shoes we’ve reviewed provide a hard-to-beat balance that will keep you upright even in wet conditions.


In a nutshell, you cannot fulfill all the factors that must be present in a pair of shoes. You at least need to compromise one factor that is least affecting. In our case, one of the main problems is the overpricing of shoes. As we discussed earlier these brands are trust-worthy and have excellent customer support.


In the long run, these shoes will reflect true value for money and you’ll develop alignment with that specific brand. Making a wise decision will change your entire mood and comfort level. Here’s to you!


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