Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes & Buying Guide

Wearing the wrong shoes becomes the biggest trouble for sportsmen and nurses.

As nurses have to run in hospitals, move from patient to patient, and there is much more work for them to do. The sportsmen have to run while playing. 

They should choose the right pair for them to wear as if they do not do so, they can suffer from ankle pain, pain in feet, backache, etc.

You should consider wearing the right pair so you are not a victim of any of these problems.

Many nurses are really happy with their jobs.

This is just because they wear shoes that are perfect for them.

 Now we are going to dive into the product Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes. Let’s check out if this will be your choice!

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Product Review

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes will never disappoint you as they are extremely comfortable and are best known for giving the wearer good stability on at least all the types of materials including marble, tiles, pavements, road, and concrete.

They are specially made for nurses to provide them ease throughout the busy working hours. It is made from high-quality materials including a hundred percent grain leather. The sole of the shoe is made from resilient synthetic materials. 

The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar highly supports the arch of your feet. Plus, they will help your ankles to make your body move in its natural path.

The sole of the shoes will protect you from slipping on all types of floors. They have a secure fit. The innovative outsoles make your foot fit in the shoe in a balanced, efficient, and stable posture. 

The soft cushioning of the shoe adapts to your weight, speed, and strive to make each of your step comfortable. 

The shoes are extremely long-lasting. The upper of the product is made from high-quality grain leather. 

Although these shoes are really good, some customers find this product uncomfortable and less durable. We know very well that the last sentence will lower its value down for you but a large number of people loved this product especially due to resilience and durability.

This article by Brookes will also make your wardrobe look flourishing. The best part is that it is lightweight. If you are a nurse looking for good shoes, these are perfect for you. They are made especially for nurses.

Table of Contents

Buying Guide

In this guide, we will help you with finding the right pair of shoes for you. As many people have different choices and demands, the buying guide will help you get the right color, shape, breadth, and arch shank of the next shoes you buy.


Many people have different demands for the color of their shoes. They like the ones that match the color of their wardrobe, or the color that contrasts with their dress. But you should consider buying the color that does not get dirty in less time. If you have bought a white pair, you should clean it well so it does not look bad.


While buying shoes you must see if the toe box is spacious and if the arch of your foot fits properly in the arch of your shoe. But the best thing is that if you buy shoes online, you should measure your shoe perfectly and see if it is available. 

You should follow this step so you don’t get disappointed when it is delivered. Never waste your money if you have to get the wrong size of shoes.

Quality of the leather

The leather is imported and it is assured that it will not wear out so early. You should see the reviews of the shoes you are getting so they work for a long time. Choosing the pair made with the right leather will help you a lot. Just imagine that you got a fine pair. 

The shoes went well for some of our hurts a lot. So, check out the leather if you don’t want to get embarrassed in front of people!

Quality of the sole

It is important to check the material the sole is made from. It must be slip-resistant, lightweight, and made from good material. It is not very good to take heavy steps as the sole is really heavy. It is also not so pleasant to fall in front of people as you chose a shoe with a sole that does not so slip-resistant.


The best thing that we can recommend is that you should never trust a company just because the prices are low. If your budget is low, you should buy cheap and affordable shoes. But you should also focus on the factor that the quality of the upper and lower part, the color, and the size, etc. is perfect.

Made from imported materials


Not at all, the shoes have a highly spacious toe box. Therefore, your toes will not hurt after wearing them for a long time. That is why they add up to the list of five best nursing shoes for men.

The shoes certainly are. If your feet have a smaller/low arch, No problem! The laces will help you in fitting your foot into the shoe perfectly.


In the review, we told you about the dark sides of the Brooks shoes along with the good characteristics. We are sure that this review would help you in knowing which factors to consider when buying a pair for yourself. 

The drawbacks are approximately negligible in front of the positive reviews. Many people found these shoes as a perfect fit for them and we are sure that you will find them as the shoes you wanted!

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