Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Review and Buying Guide

Ankle arthritis causes issues like pain, deformity, and instability in the ankle. It affects the tibiotalar joint, which is between the shinbone and the talus. The people facing severe ankle arthritis and Plantar Fascists in their foot, this article will be helpful for them.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog like by nurses due to its features like style, colors, stability, good quality, and is made up of 100% leather. It is the top choice of nurses because they work in hospitals and a continuous walk for hours in the hospital. However, these shoes made them feel comfortable for the whole day.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog made from the best material, and it helps the individual to stay hale and hearty. However, it cares about your legs, feet, and supports your back to stand up for hours.
Moreover, these shoes are beneficial for sportswomen. Everyone’s expectations different so, let’s have a look at its features regarding its performance, size, and arch, etc.

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Product Review

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog is known for its comfort and protective heel counter. However, these shoes will make you feel better for the whole day during a continuous walk. It made up of 100% Leather, and it has a polyurethane sole. Further, its weight is approximately 3 pounds, and it is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

These shoes are well known for their quality, comfort, style. The clients can heavily use it for several years, and they use to buy the new pair of shoes when they still have the old one. The upper side of the shoes made up of high-quality dry leather. The people who are well aware of the types of leather can easily figure out the quality of the leather used in these women’s shoes.

Moreover, this gives the shape of the shoes, and the diverse designs of shoes can easily fit on a different type of foot. The toe box is also roomy and protects the foot, and it is wider and deeper than many other shoes. However, the toe box made up of durable thermoplastic, and it improves durability.
The heel counter consents the foot to move freely, and it prepares from the thermoplastic urethane mechanism. The footbed helps to evaporate the sweat of the feet and keeps the feet dry all the time. Further, the inner propylene frame of the clog offers durability and reduces the collar.

The outsole of the clog is anti-slippery, and it is an ideal choice for those who work in wet places. Moreover, shock absorptive is the star of the product, and it helps the person to stay stable in this kind of situation.

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog has a platform of approximately 0.75 inches, and heal measures of 2 inches. You should well aware of its darker side. Mostly nurses say that by using this clog for a long time, the fissures created in their heel, and it causes pain in the ankle.

For those having wide feet and for those having narrow feet, Dansko Women’s Professional Clog is a real lifesaver.

Table of Contents

Buying guide

In this guide, we will help you to answer the questions which are in your mind at the time of purchasing the product. Everyone wants to buy the best product, and we will help you to find the product with the best features like performance, size, upper side, and footbed, etc.


Whatever you are a nurse working several hours in a day, and the sportswomen or the student, the shoes causing a painful effect in your feet will destroy your mood and will also affect on your work. So, restless shoes for busy or working people are not good.

Arch Support and Firm Foot

The midsole of the shoe provides support to the foot and of high-quality leather use at the upper side of the shoe, and the inner padded collar provides support to the foot while walking.

Anti-fatigue Bottom

The bottom of the sole help the foot to move forward, and the wider heel counter helps to stay stable, and it will provide support while standing up.

Greater shock absorption

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog is a shocked absorptive due to its rubber sole, and it also provides cushioning. In comparison with other products, it offers durability.

Roomy Toe Box

The thermoplastic polymer provides you protection and allows easily shaking off the toe. However, it is roomy and wider and passes air to your feet and avoid sweating of the feet.

Price and Quality

However, the price is high then the other clog, but its good quality will negotiate it.

Lightest weight
Little bit expensive
Comfortable during walk
Long-time use cause pain in the ankle
Wider heel counter
High-Quality leather


Yes, it is suitable for nurses working for several hours. But it may not be good for those who use it for a long-time and will cause fissures in the heel.

Yes, it is available for both. It has a wider heel counter for a person with wide feet. Moreover, some of the buyers also offer shoes for a person with narrow feet.


We told you all of the excellent features that make it a perfect clog with its drawbacks. Now, you are well aware of all of its issues and tons of its benefits. However, you are on a point at which you can choose the best of best for you.
Hence, the Dansko Women’s Professional Clog fits suitable to many people as it has lots of benefits with some of its drawbacks. Further, we are working on our drawbacks, and it will improve soon in the future.
Hopefully, this will prove a better choice for you as it provides benefits like stability, shock absorption. And it will make you feel better while walking and it will be a good decision for you.

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