Dickies Men's Athletic Slip-Resistant Work Shoe & Buying Guide

Have you ever imagined how hectic is the routine of nurses?


they have a lot of work burden and they have to walk a lot! This is where the trouble comes. Nurses forget about their comfort while providing comfort to the patients.

It is proved that the nurses feel discomfort more than fifty percent just because they have chosen the wrong shoes for themselves. Many nurses wear uneasy pairs just due to the affordability. Do you know how harmful it is?

It can be the reason for many types of body pains. If you wear bad shoes for long, eventually, your feet will start to feel numb.

If you are looking for a pair that is cheap and fulfills your demands so there you go. Dickies Men’s Athletic Slip-Resistant Work Shoes will never disappoint their customers. Let’s see what are the features of this product.

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Product Review

Have you ever thought of getting expensive shoes and they are worn-out after just some time? if yes, so your imagination will help you find a durable and economic pair. The best thing that we found in the shoes is that the sole is made from high-quality, imported rubber. The rubber is extremely slip-resistant. 

The side gores are made from elastic at the openings. The fabric linings are made from is moisture-wicking to a point. The EVA midsole is lightweight and the biggest benefit of it is that you will not feel that your feet are taking a lot of weight with them while walking.

The collar and tongue of the shoes are padded. It means that they provide extensive support to your feet and they will also keep your body in the natural path of motion.

They are made from a hundred percent leather that is why they are long-lasting. That is why these shoes are one of the best-selling products of the company.

For resisting slip, the outsole is channeled and it disperses liquid. The mesh lining is breathable and it will not make your sweat make your foot feel wet.

The shoes are bought by many people. Some of them find them a little fishy. Many people say that the shoes are not so long-lasting. Many of them add that the shoe’s upper part of the product separates from the soles after some time of buying them.

But some of them find these shoes as the perfect fit for them. We hope that you will as well!

Table of Contents

Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we will tell you which important factors you have to consider when buying good shoes. It is really important for your body health! If you want comfort with affordability and perfection, you must read this buying guide. We hope that our guide will assist you the next time you go for buying shoes.


You might have seen some people who are telling you about the pain in their ankles. If yes, so let us tell why does this happens. This certainly happens because the length of the shoes does not match the length of their feet. To avoid these types of problems, you must see if the length is right for you. This will never let you repent on the decision of getting the wrong pair.


You must consider the durability of the shoes. They must work for about more than a year. If you have bought an expensive pair and it does not work for long, you just imagine the disappointment. So, to avoid this type of situation, wear long-lasting shoes.

The flexibility of the sole

While getting a pair, you must check the flexibility of the sole of the shoes. If it is hard and non-flexible, your feet will start to feel numb and paralyzed. Especially, if you are a sports enthusiast, you should prefer the flexibility as sportsmen have to run a lot. Considering this factor is recommended by many physicians for the well-being of nurses and sportsmen.

Quality of materials

This factor should be preferred so the pair of shoes works for long. The sole must be made from a material that works on all rough and smooth surfaces. It should also be slip-resistant. The upper part must be made from high-quality material. 

Best for sports enthusiasts.
Do not fit everyone.
Not that durable.
It can be worn for casual use.


Certainly, they are. Many customers say that the leather does not let the water pass through itself. Some customers say that they are but to appoint after which your feet start to feel wet. So, it is better not to take a risk and beware from wet areas.

They hurt maybe because you selected the wrong size of the shoes. You must check if the shoes fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you are compromising with your health.

No, it does not. The rubber that the sole is made from is slip-resistant and it will never disappoint you as it works perfectly on marble and tiles. The rubber is so supportive that you will not slip if you are walking on a wet surface.

Yes, they do. Often, people wear them to parties and dinners. The shoes also work best with suits. They are a perfect match for you is you are looking for comfortable shoes which can also be used for formal use. Many clients have also said they used the pair for formal use. 


In the review, we described the features of the product, pros, and cons, gave you a resilient buying guide, and much more. The review is a complete guide that will help you in buying perfect shoes the next time.

These shoes were perfect for a large number of customers. Even if some people found them a little fishy, we hope that they can be a perfect pair for you!

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