Merrel Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe Review & Buying Guide

Nurses or sports enthusiasts have trouble working or playing because of wearing the wrong shoes.

Have you ever wondered why it is important to wear the appropriate shoes? If no, so the answer is simple. 

The biggest problems like pain in feet and ankles, backaches are caused due to the selection of the wrong pair and it increases the uneasiness. So, nurses need to wear appropriate and easy shoes at work. 

The article will help you in knowing the basic mistakes that you make while buying shoes for nursing.

 As you know that the duty of nurses is very difficult. They have to deal with emergencies and have to keep standing in the operating rooms and ERs without caring for their comfort. The burden of their job makes them forget about their ease. 

Merrel Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe is the first product that we are going to review. If you are a fire-fighter or a paramedic, you might know the complexities faced during work. The most required feature of a shoe is how comfortable it is. 

But the needs differ from person to person. Let’s start finding out some characteristics of Merrel Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoe and see if the features are what you have been wanting.

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Product Review

The Merrel Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on Shoes are mainly made to provide comfort and ease to male nurses. The product is made from high-quality imported material including a hundred percent grain leather. And it is the main characteristic that makes it liked by most of its customers.

It is one of the best-selling products of the company. My review will increase its value for you. The sole of the shoe has a reliable grip on all types of materials including concrete, tiles, and marble, etc. 

The shoes also protect you from slipping on the wet floor due to the stability it has. The best part is that you can also wear these shoes while hiking and during sports. 

The thickness of the heel of the shoe sole is about two inches. And it will provide ease to your ankles during the restless working hours. The shoe has a polished slip-on. The sole units are extremely supportive. 

The padded collars of the shoe will help you feel easy throughout the day and it will provide good support to your ankles. 

The air cushion inside the sole helps in absorbing shock. The foot frame of the shoe is made from high-quality EVA which provides comfort and stability to the wearer of the shoe.

The footbed is made from open-cell foam soles. The mesh lining is breathable and will not make your feet feel wet if it sweats due to long working hours. The arch shank of the shoes is made from molded nylon. 

It is unjust if we only tell you about the good characteristics of the product as the shoes have some errors. The clients have complained that the shoes are not as breathable as mentioned in the product description by the company. 

As you know that people mostly prefer the price of the demands. Customers have problems with the price of the product as it is a little expensive. 

Many clients said that after wearing the shoes for some time the Gust in the heels feels like it is slipping out. 

However, apart from the critical reviews of the product, it is assured that the product is very durable and once you buy it, you will never repent on the decision as the critical reviews are kind of negligible in front of the positive reviews. 

Table of Contents

Buying guide

Inside this buying guide, we will help you in finding out the shoes which are best for you. You know that the demands of each person are different, especially while buying shoes. 

In this guide, we will tell you about the features of the product like durability, resilience, and specialties, etc. We hope that you will find our review helpful and will get the perfect shoes for you.


Checking the size of the shoe, you are getting is important. Apart from this, you should never only wear the shoe and approve it for yourself but you should check if the shoe fits you perfectly. And the other factors of buying good shoes include checking if the width of the shoe matches the width of your foot and see if they look good on you, etc.

Quality and material of the upper part.

It is an important factor in buying good shoes that you should see how finely the upper part of the shoe is made. Many times, people only see the shade of the leather and the designation of the upper part, but after some time, the leather wears out. It is necessary to check how long-lasting the shoe is and how well it works. 

Quality and material of the sole

As the shoe is a nursing shoe, you should know that how much you have to walk in the hospitals as a nurse, you should see the features if the shoe is non-slippery, it can work on surfaces of different materials, etc. and you must choose a shoe with a light-weight sole so that your foot does not feel heavy after long working hours. 

You also have to focus on the material from which the sole is made and its performance.

Arch size and support

The basic thing you should see if the arch of your foot fits the arch of the shoe. As some people have higher foot arches, they might have trouble fitting their foot in the shoe. And many people have low foot shanks and the shoe is loose. 

Sometimes their foot slips out of the shoe. It is highly necessary to check the appropriate size of shoe arches.

The shoes are non-slippery.
They are a little expensive.
They are lightweight.
They are not so breathable.
They provide comfort and stability to the wearer.
They are long-lasting.


Certainly, they can. Many customers say that they had a good experience with sports while wearing these shoes. Apart from this, you can wear the product during badminton, while running, etc.

The pair is very durable and people appreciate how long-lasting they are. They can work for more than a year or two, wow!


We have told you the good things about the shoes and also about some errors. The review will help you find the right pair for you. 

Although some people find errors in the product, many people found these perfect for them. We hope that you will find them good for you whenever you buy them. 

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