New Balance Men's Mx608v4 Review & Buying Guide

If you are a nurse, you might have felt pain in your feet. You know what? You have caught the problem at the right time.

At this time, you should change the shoes you wear. As at this stage, the problem seems to be very small but it can get larger with time. The pain in your feet can change into unbearable back pains. So, it is time to change your shoes as soon as possible. The fifth and the last product of the list is New Balance Men’s shoes. 

This product is specially made for nurses and it might be the right one for you! Let’s check out if this is the pair you have always wanted. 


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Product Review

The last and one of the best products of the list is New Balance Men’s shoes. The product will never disappoint their customers as it is made from a hundred percent grain leather. The imported leather is the reason the shoes are so durable. 

The sole is made from high-quality, slip-resistant rubber. It will provide you a nice grip even on the wet floor. The sole will provide you grip on all types of surfaces including concrete, pavements, and much more.

The shaft measures about low-top from the arch. The pair can also be called training shoes. The upper part is composed of suede. The shoe has a padded tongue of mesh for maximum breathability. The dual-density collar is reliable.

At the heel of the product, there is a pull tab. The shoes look good because of the lace-up closure. The textile lining will not make your feet feel wet even after working hard for hours. The footbed is made from EVA.

The shoes are extremely comfortable. Do you know why? It is comfortable because of the IMEVA midsole. The outer sole of the shoes is made from the non-marking rubber. 

You know what? You can wear these shoes all day and you will still be comfortable with them. The enhanced designation features include improved forefoot flexibility, better heel cushioning, and incomparable support and comfort.

There are more than ten available colors and designs of the shoes!

Many people loved this product. Some of them could not live happily with them due to some problems. Many people got blisters on their heels. The soul separates from the upper part just after weeks of using it. 

But they can still be perfect for you!

Table of Contents

Buying Guide

In this buying guide, we will tell you how you can select the shoes which are perfect for you. If you follow the given instructions, you will never buy the wrong shoes. 

Check if the sole is properly glued

Whenever you are looking for some shoes, see if the sole is properly glued on the upper part. It has happened with many customers that when they brought their shoes home, the sole just separated from the upper part. When they tried to replace them, they wouldn’t as the stores did not trust them. It is better to check the shoes so you don’t have to be disappointed later.

See the instructions

Whenever you get shoes, see the instructions of the company as if you do not follow the instructions, the durability of the shoes will decrease to a point. This thing will not happen because of the company but it will surely happen due to your mistake of not following the care instructions given by the company.

Checking the upper part

It is very important to check the upper part of the shoe. See if the arch of your foot fits perfectly inside the arch of the shoes. Don’t forget to match the length. Whenever you are checking which shoes are perfect, after wearing each of them walk a little bit to see if they are comfortable. 

See if the toe box is not too narrow or not too broad. Investigate the durability and performance of the material the upper part of the shoe is made from

Checking the lower part

Never forget to see if the sole of the shoes you are selecting is slip-resistant, lightweight, and flexible. Never forget to see if it grips your feet on maximum types of surfaces. See the material the sole is made from. 

And avoid buying the shoes with white soles as mud makes them dirty in less time. and if the shoes you are buying have black soles, there will be stains on the sole. Better to buy shoes with colors that are not stained in less time.


The answer is really simple. If you use them daily, you have to clean them with a soft damp cloth. If you don't use them often, once you wear them while putting them back, clean them with a damp cloth. Later, put them in your shoe cupboard.

Yes, they are. Many nurses used them and gave them a good rating. They are perfect for nurses as they are breathable, comfortable, and stable. There are many more good qualities found in them which make them more special for nurses.

Sure, you can. They are perfect as the sole is flexible, the sole is attached nicely to the upper part. There are many more reasons that it feels like they are made for hiking. Many customers found them helpful while hiking. You should give them a try!


In the review, we told you about the description of the product, the buying guides, the pros and cons, and the frequently asked questions. We hope that they will surely help you in buying shoes. We also think that you liked these shoes for yourselves.

Yes, we understand that nothing is perfect. Always, an error arises. But apart from the problems, the product is great for nursing, sportsmanship, and casual use. 

Many customers said that the product was not perfect for them. A lot said that they were the shoes they wanted. We hope that you will love the product after you buy them and it becomes your most used and liked product.