Skechers for Work Men's 76690 Keystone Sneaker & Buying Guide

When an emergency occurs, have you seen how fast the nurses run?

After working for long hours, their feet start aching. But their feet do not hurt because of working. They hurt because the nurses work for long with the shoes which are not perfect for them.

It is harmful as it can lead to severe pains in different parts of the body. It doesn’t mean that if you are not a nurse, you will not be a victim. You can also choose the wrong shoes. No more mistakes now. Time to buy the right shoes.

It is necessary to wear the right shoes to keep your body in the natural path of motion. The fourth product we are reviewing is Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker. Let’s go through the review and check if the features are what you have been desiring.

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Product Review

If you are looking for some sporty shoes. There you go! Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneakers are the perfect ones for you. Let’s see if the features match your requirements.

The shoes are the definition of perfection in themselves. They are available in black and white.

The upper of the shoe is made from a hundred percent grain leather and it is long-lasting. The upper’s tongue and collar are also padded to keep the body in the natural phase of the movement. 

The product also has laces so that the arch of the foot perfectly fits inside the shoes. The inside of the pair is cushioned to provide a comfortable and snug fitting to the wearer. 

The sole of the shoes is made from rubber. The rubber is so good that it does not let you slip. The shoes can work on almost all types of floors and surfaces. The shoes will simply work for years. 

But there is not even a single thing that does not have errors. These shoes have some too. Let’s move forwards to see what they are. Some clients have said that the soles of their shoes were separated from the upper part. 

And some clients have complained that the toe box is so narrow that they got calluses on their toes. And sometimes, they accidentally wore them outside and got surprised to see their feet exposed.

But leaving the drawbacks, there are a lot of reviews that say the product was amazing. It is unjust only to think about the dark sides of the product. To be honest, this product is amazing. Let’s move towards the buying guide!

Table of Contents

Checking the toe box

This thing matters a lot. You have to check the toe box so that your toes do not hurt after working for a long time. if you do not do so, you have a danger to get calluses on your toes. It is not good for the toe box to be too large or too small. It should fit you perfectly.

Checking if the arch of the shoe matches the arch of your foot

You must check if the arch of the shoes matches the arch of your feet. Otherwise. It can lead to severe aches in feet. If you are looking for the shoes whose arch is adjustable. You must buy sneakers for any shoes with laces. In this way, you can adjust the arch according to your requirements.


Check the color that is perfect for you. If you are taking black shoes, there might be stubborn marks on them which are almost impossible to remove. Remember not to prefer white shoes as they also get dirty in less time. take the colors that do not get dirty in less time like grey.

Checking if the tongue and collar are padded

It is important as if the tongue and collar are not padded, the support will decrease to a point. There are chances of falling. If you do not want to get embarrassed, try looking for the pair with padded tongue and collar which will provide extra support.

Seeing if the shoes are comfortable

Whenever you go shopping for shoes, if they fit you perfectly, you must walk with them for some time and then buy them if they are comfortable. If you walk comfortably, then you should buy them otherwise, you must select another pair. 

Padded collars and tongues.
The toe box is a little narrow.
Perfect for sports enthusiasts.
Not so durable.
The soles separate from the upper part a few times.
Have laces for a perfect fit.


The shoes are durable but not so much. They can run for only months. Many customers complained that they are not as durable as said by the company. But you must try if they work for longer.

Yes, they do. The shoes are perfect for almost all types of surfaces and floors. There is no need to walk away from concrete while wearing these shoes. The sole is very good and it can easily walk on rough surfaces. 

Yes, they can. They are very comfortable and they will perform well during sports. They can easily be replaced with sports shoes. Have you thought about why? It is because they have all the characteristics the sports shoes contain.

But you should wear sports shoes to Skechers for Work Men's seventy-six thousand six hundred and ninety Keystone Sneakers. 


I want to say that the review told you all about the things which matter while buying new shoes. You should consider them if you want some shoes which would fit you well, look good on you, and will adapt to your working environment. 

As you know that nothing is perfect, some errors were also found in this product. But still, it does not matter as still Skechers for Work Men’s seventy-six thousand six hundred and ninety Keystone Sneakers. It can be the perfect fit for you and be your only choice. 

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