Sketchers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Shoes

Sketchers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip On Shoes

Neuropathy is the dysfunction of nerves in which the weakness of nerves causes pain in muscles, and it starts in your hands and feet. Some people might feel pain in their feet when they go for a long walk. However, you might face pain in the backache, ankle, and hips, and the reason for this pain happens when you wear shoes for a long time. If you are facing these kinds of issues, then this article will be beneficial for you. 


Sketchers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Work Shoes with its unique features like style, comfortable sole, solid leather is good for walking. It has a memory foam insole, which highly recommended for those who walk for a long time. It is best for casual use, and you can use it in working hours. 

However, it is slip-resistant and best for people working in wet places. Everyone’s choices vary so; let’s figure out what are the unique features of Sketchers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Work Shoes.

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Product Review

Sketchers Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On Work Shoes is known for its memory foam insole and protective leather toe and heel overlays. Moreover, the shoes made up of quality leather and synthetic fabric that make the look of the shoe attractive.

The upper side of the shoe made up of smooth solid leather, which gives the shape of the shoe. However, the quality leather used for sketchers sure track shoe and the person who has the know-how of the can easily detect the leather’s quality.

Further, the outsole of the shoe made up of slip-resistant rubber material. However, it is a suitable shoe for working in wet places. However, these shoes are best for sportswomen who play cricket, table tennis, hockey, and football. 

Its two unique features made it an ideal choice for sports females. One slip-resistant and the other one is memory foam insole. The memory foam provides comfort and eases pressure, which the sports runner feels on the ball of the foot.

One of its unique features is a protective leather toe and heel overlays. The barefoot-style flat shoes cause injury of the feet, and the person feels pain in his feet, which sometimes reaches to your legs and then back. 

The stitching accent with fabric at the sole makes it stylish and fashionable shoes. It looks more stylish with a thick flexible sole, and it can be easily washed and clean due to its flexible sole. Further, soft and lightweight fabric collar trim protects the feet, and you can easily rotate or move your feet due to the wider heel portion.

Shock absorbing flex sole midsole contains flex, which counters shock from the ground and allows the foot of the person and the heel to remain stable. Removable memory foam comfort insole provides comfort and makes you feel relaxed while walking, and you can remove it easily whenever you want. 

Nurses have to work in hospitals for several work hours, and they have to walk during duty. So, they require shoes of suitable size. These Sketchers women’s sure track shoes highly preferred for them because it has a stretchable top panel, and you can stretch it according to your foot size, and it provides a space of half an inch for your toe.


Now, we will be going to show you the dark side of the shoes because it will not fair if we will not inform you about the drawbacks of this pair. Some of our customers complained that the low top footwear was a little heavy, and it needs breaking in first for a comfort feel.

Table of Contents

Buying guide

In this guide, we will answer the question that will help you to choose well for you. Here, you will find detail about the features of the shoes like performance, size, and quality of the material of the shoes.


Size is the most important thing while purchasing a pair of shoes. No one knows the right way of checking the size of the shoe, and we wear the shoe and decide about the size. However, this is not the right way.

Material and quality of the upper part

This factor is most important while purchasing the pair. Sometimes, you think that leather used in the upper part so, the material is ok. But the leather should be dry because the liquid released from liquid leather will trouble you during walking, and it will not easy to remove it again and again.

Shock absorptive

The shoe pair which you will buy should be shocked absorptive, and it should provide durability, and the Sketchers women’s sure track sole made up of rubber, and it is shock-absorbing and provides you cushioning. 


The price of the shoe is high than other shoes because of its unique features.

Memory foam insole
Needs breakage first
Stretchable upper side
Narrow heel
Lightest weight


Yes, the shoe pair has a narrow heel, but its stretchable upper side will provide a space of half an inch due to which your heel can fit in it.

Yes, the Sketchers Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Slip-On work shoes are suitable for nurses because of its slip-resistant and memory foam insole feature.


We described to you all of its benefits and drawbacks. However, this pair of shoes is suitable for many of our customers because of its excellent features like stability, memory foam, stretchable upper side, and rubber sole. 

Now you are at a point, at which you can choose the best for you, and we explained all the drawbacks of our shoes, and it will improve in the future as we are working on it. Moreover, these shoes will be good for narrow heel people and will provide you comfort in a long walk and during sports competition. Hopefully, this shoe pair will be a better choice for you.

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