Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip-On Clog Review & Buying Guide

Timberland Pro Women's Renova Professional Slip On Clog Review And Buying Guide

Whether you are associated with the nursing profession or need shoes for casual wear, you should prefer those shoes that are comfortable and provide relief to your feet. Timberland Pro Women's Renova Professional Slip On Clog Review & Buying GuideIf you wear shoes that are not comfortable then your feet will strain and you will not be able to work on your feet for a long time. Nurses need a special shoe that can sustain pressure, flexible enough to give you support and lightweight to be worn for the longest time.

Nurses spend a lot of time working on their feet and they hardly get any relief on their duty. So, they better know the importance of durability, flexibility, and reliability  of shoes. To shop the best pair of shoe nurses has to spend a lot of time searching the right type to wear at work, but we have saved their precious time through our extensive research by bringing the best quality shoes for them. 

We are going to introduce some practical clogs that are made specifically for nurses and enable them to work on the long shifts wearing these shoes. 

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Women's Tennis Shoes
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Our Rating Scale: 5/5
2. NIKE Women's Court Lite Tennis Shoe
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Our Rating Scale: 4.9/5
3. K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe
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4. PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe
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Product Review

Timberland PRO introduces women’s Renova Professional Slip-on clog for nurses. The shoes are made with 100% leather that makes the shoes durable and long-lasting to use. The shoe comes in pure white color and carries a synthetic sole that makes the shoes flexible, water-resistant, and maintain their original form after rough use. Thus, it extends the life span of the shoe with the sole. 

Timberland’s slip-on clogs use concealed goring insets and Scotchgard protector for stain resistance making this shoes useable for quite a long time without needing to clean the stains. The clog carries anti-fatigue technology that keeps your feet stress-free and allows putting them on throughout the shift. 

The anti-fatigue technology is incorporated in the midsole of the shoe using geometric cone support providing exceptional standing comfort, able to absorb shocks and keep you energetic all day.

Its heel-to-toe rocker soles give maximum arch support while reducing forefoot pressure.                    The clog incorporates anatomical toe boxes and slip-resistant outsoles making them a perfect choice for the nurses to wear at work. The shoes don’t let you feel pressure on your feet and give maximum comfort for spending long hours a day.

The shoe is made of full-grain leathers with micro-suede upper linings that can be easily cleaned and maintain the shoes. Although the shoe is designed for healthcare industry workers, they are quite good to wear casually for an outside walk, roaming around the town and to complete your job. 

Timberland incorporates a special Toe box for movement of the toes and fingers, offer enough width and arch support to make it a better shoe to wear. The shoe is easy to clean, true size, and fit perfectly to feet. 

Timberland has introduced news standards of craftsmanship with its product line offering a range of durable and authentic footwear for protection. They are making waterproof leather shoes since their inception and became a global leader in the design and engineering of footwear.

Table of Contents

Buying guide: What to Consider When Buying A Pair of Nursing Shoes?

Nurse’s shoes come costly and it makes you spend a lot of time finding the right pair of shoes that worth its cost and give you the best performance at work. There are hundreds of shoe brands on the market and each carries different features at different prices. 

Your mind starts jolting when you think about buying the best pair of nurses’ shoes and think a lot about how to buy the right pair of shoes. We have crafted a standard that will help you to pick the best choice for use. You can follow the criteria to find the best shoes for yourself:-

Size of Shoe

The most important point that you need to think about is choosing the correct size of shoes because if you don’t focus on this point, you may lose all your money and end up buying a wrong-sized shoe. 

You need to be sure about the size of your shoe and you can measure the size with the help of tape. Always check the size the vendor is providing before ordering any brand of the shoe so that you get the right size of the shoe. 

Material and Build Quality

We always judge the quality of any brand or product by its durability and material. So, always check which material is used in the construction of the shoe. Whether the shoe is made of pure leather or any leather byproduct and is it durable to be used for a long time?

Make sure the shoe is made from the material that is easy to clean and maintainable easily because when you are on the medical frontline, there are chances of spillages and dust on the shoe. 

Durable and comfortable
Little squeak while walking
Very breathable
Easy to wipe


Nurses recommend shoes that are comfortable, durable, and help them to walk all around without stress. There are many great shoes that nurses recommend to be used at the workplace including Crocs Women’s Debra Slip-on, Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-on Clogs, Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-on. 

Nurses usually spend a minimum of 12 hours at a shift and they normally stand on their feet all day long. They keep on standing while taking care of patients during the entire shift. For those standing all day long, clogs are best for them. 


Timberland has been offering a wider range of clogs and quality shoes for healthcare workers, its slip-on clogs are quite supportive and helpful in standing on the duty all day. You can trust in Timberland clogs due to its quality, performance, and durability that these clogs carry and work for the nurses.

Nurses don’t need to spend a lot of time locating the best shoes to wear and can check the above-recommended clog to try at work. 

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